Fun Ways Of Experiencing The Greatness Of Brisbane


Brisbane is Australia’s up-and-coming capital that has experienced tremendous growth over the years. It is an ideal place to visit because it offers a perfect balance of nature and urbanization. It features a central area that is dissected by a beautiful river. In addition, it offers easy access to great coastal places. The weather is absolutely splendid. While it does not carry with it the huge fame associated with its Southern neighbors, Melbourne and Sydney, its perfect balance of nature, activities, atmosphere and attractions is the main feature that could not be more obvious. Simply arrange for bus hire in Brisbane today and experience the greatness of Brisbane:

Taking A Whale Tour

Have you ever wished you had a chance to watch whales? Well, that is something that you can absolutely do when you are in Brisbane. It not only offers iconic rivers and waterfront areas to view but also easy access to coastal places where you can explore aquatic life. In Brisbane, whale watching season is usually between June and November. Therefore, you should make plans accordingly. There are also fun water activities that you can enjoy alongside whale watching.

Visiting Moreton Island

The island is about 30 kilometers away from the city. It is a lovely haven where many Brisbane residents escape to when they want to get away from the busy city life. You too can get to experience the joys of the island by taking a tour. There are numerous water activities to enjoy such as kayaking, fish feeding, standup paddling and so forth. These activities give you an up-close water experience. Therefore, if you are looking for more opportunities to have fun, visiting Moreton Island is one of the best options.

Story Bridge Climbing

The Story Bridge is one of the distinctive landmarks in Brisbane. The unique thing about the bridge is the fact that it goes a long way to create its own sense of character in Brisbane. This is because it constitutes the top three bridges to climb in the world. The journey up and down the bridge lasts nearly 3 hours. It is undoubtedly tiring. However, it is the best investment that allows you to take a peek at the entire city of Brisbane.  You do not have to worry about climbing gear because it will be provided once you have paid for the climbing expedition. Safety is also guaranteed.

Touring Brisbane’s Cultural Centre

You can also get the chance to learn about the history of Brisbane and all other important things by visiting its Cultural Centre. There are numerous art galleries, exhibits and museums. You can start off with Southbank’s waterfront. The Queen’s Cultural Centre offers you a world of creativity. This is the place where you find all historical exhibits and art. In addition, you can get to enjoy amazing live performances at the Queen’s Performing Arts Center that has recently been refurbished. South Bank Parklands allows you to take a rest after a tour around the city. You can enjoy amazing views of the Cultural Center, Brisbane River and expansive grassed area with nice shades for relaxing.


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